Case Study: Automation of Operations at Revêtement Illusion

Revêtement Illusion, a company specializing in the painting of architectural components primarily made from aluminum, partnered with SMAK to automate its core operations. Through close collaboration with SMAK, the company successfully executed a project that tailored solutions precisely to its needs.

Mandate Objectives & Challenges

  1. Automate operations to eliminate human error and deliver superior quality to customers.
  2. Increase production capacity while maintaining the same number of employees.
  3. Triple the number of processed components.

The Project

The Revêtement Illusion project stands out for its unique hybrid approach, combining both automated and manual sections seamlessly to enhance the overall productivity of the company.

  • SMAK replaced traditional carts with an innovative overhead conveyor system, allowing for the simultaneous movement of loading bars. This solution not only optimizes workflow, but also significantly reduces the time required to complete tasks.
  • SMAK installed a motorized system for the automatic painting chamber. This innovation automated this critical step in the painting process, thereby increasing operational efficiency and precision.

SMAK designed and manufactured a brand-new custom washer to automate the component washing step, which was previously done manually. This solution enables the company to save valuable time by eliminating manual tasks,significantly the footprint compared with a standard continuous washer, resulting in improved productivity.


Revêtement Illusion is extremely satisfied with the work done by SMAK. Thanks to these improvements, Revêtement Illusion can now produce a greater number of components while maintaining its workforce. The automation of key operations optimizes the use of time and resources, leading to a significant increase in the company’s production capacity. By increasing their execution capacity with the same number of employees, Revêtement Illusion is able to meet the growing demand of its customers while maintaining superior quality in their products. This increased efficiency gives them a competitive edge in the market and strengthens their position as the preferred supplier in the aluminum architectural element painting industry.

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