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Overhead cranes & Jib cranes

Our overhead cranes and jib cranes offer versatility and comfort for your operators. Available in wall-mounted, column-mounted or articulated versions, they can be adapted to any workspace. Their ergonomic design reduces employee physical fatigue.

Overhead conveyors

Our overhead conveyors automate the transport of goods between workstations in your plant. They replace manual forklifts and pallet trucks. Monorail or bi-rail suspension, payloads of up to 250 kg, variable speeds, multi-directional navigability: our conveyors adapt to your needs.

Vacuum system

Our vacuum lifting systems enable safe, efficient handling of fragile materials such as glass, corrugated sheet metal or gypsum board. Thanks to vacuum technology, suction cups adhere firmly to surfaces without damaging them. Load capacity from 25 to 1000 kg depending on model.

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Smak Handling Solution

Productivity by Ingenuity

Based in Quebec, Smak offers industrial handling solutions tailored to your needs that help strengthen the safety of your operators, protect fragile loads and reduce labor costs, all while increasing your productivity at work.

We offer complete engineering services and support you throughout the process for the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of equipment, as well as operator training.

Smak Industrial Handling Solutions is one of the few Canadian lifting equipment manufacturers to offer closed rails. We are also the only distributor of Niko products in the country.

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The Advantages

The Peak of Performance Starts Here

At Smak, we help you achieve operational excellence with our state-of-the-art industrial material handling solutions. Our jib cranes, overhead conveyors and suction cup systems increase your workforce productivity, reduce injuries and deliver significant savings in operating costs. Our experienced engineers customize each system to your unique needs to maximize profitability. By focusing on innovation and quality, we help you become a leader in your industry.

Maximize the profitability of your installations

Improve the health and safety of your team

Increase the productivity and profitability of your workforce

Preserve the quality of your material and your loads

Optimize the management of your production lines and storage procedures

Ensure your company’s compliance with regulatory standards

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Case Study

Automation of Operations at Revêtement Illusion

Thanks to these improvements, Revêtement Illusion can now produce a greater number of components while maintaining its workforce.

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